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Education has always consisted of many aspects, but the key figure remains the Teacher.

The rapid changes taking place in science, technology, information, politics are causing tectonic shifts and challenge teachers with new requirements.

Education is the most conservative yet the most change-dependent area.

Business help education in different ways: someone opens new schools; someone offers grant support to students while others provide financial support for educational institutions.

Kazakhmys Corporation chose a different path. They fully realized that teachers who work with children everyday need all-around support: methodological, creative, emotional and informational. That’s why the Kazakhmys team addressed the problem in the region of its presence in Zhezkazgan, Balkhash, Satpaev and Ulytau region. An ambitious task was set to influence the improvement of the quality of labor sources and level of well-being in the region.

In September 2021, a new educational project was launched.

Ustaz Ulytau


Contribute to the education for prosperity of the region


Contribute to the prosperity of the region.

Purpose and objectives

Advance the quality of education in schools in Kazakhmys Corporation region of presence in the interests of student and his professional prospects.

1 Development of soft skills as well as creative and scientific potential of teachers;

2 Set up of school ecosystem that influences the development of research resources, programs and projects that cultivate the pursuit of knowledge;

3 Formation of teaching teams capable to become drivers of qualitative changes in the educational institutions of the region;

Ustaz Ulytau

4 Development of managerial skills and strategic thinking of school governance;

5 Integration of knowledge, skills and abilities of students through the formation of the academic and career trajectory of graduates;

6 Building a modern career guidance, working in the interests of student and his professional and academic prospects.

Ustaz Ulytau

The novelty of Ustaz Ulytau project lies in the systematic professional development of teachers and school staff, changing the motivation and expanding the professional views of teachers. Shaping the educational and corporate culture of the school, will result in transformation of worldview of teachers, students and parents.

Ustaz Ulytau

Оur team

Orazbekova Asem Satybaldinovna


Expert in career guidance in schools. Setting up a career guidance service. Master of Psychology, MBA "Professional Manager". Director of the training center "OYKOS"

Career guidance counseling for adults and childrens. Organization and conduct of business trainings in Russian and Kazakh languages.

Сlub of business coaches of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Baekesheva Aigul Sharapievna


University management (rector, vice-rector for academic affairs), dean of the facult), head of department
Teacher of economic disciplines, teacher - trainer of courses for managerial and teaching staff for the system of higher and technical education.

Certified Expert of IAAR (2009, 2011)
Certified Expert of IQAA (2010, 2015).
Certified ECAQA Expert (2021)
Foreign Expert of the National Accreditation Center since 2013 (Russia).
Certified Professional Mediator (2015)
Certified Professional Independent Director (2018).

Honorary diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2010, 2017)
Certificate of honor of the akim of Almaty (2011).

Zhekeyeva Aizhan Akhmedzhanovna


Co-founder and president of the republican association "Kazakhstan Federation of Educational and Sports Robotics "KazRobotics". Philosophy teacher at higher educational institutions. Master in Human Resources Planning and Development (MA Human Resources Planning and Development, Institute of Applied Manpower Research, New Delhi, India). Founder of courses for mentors of school competitive STEM projects. Organizer of the republican competition of scientific and technical projects "KazRoboProject" and the republican championship in robo-sports.

Through the considered cases of projects on educational robotics, to lay the basic knowledge and skills for the development of school STEM projects. To motivate teachers for self-development and technical creativity; participation in national and international competitive events.

Kadyrova Ainur Daniyalkyzy


Teacher of biology and natural sciences, TRIZ teacher, PBL practitioner, methodologist at the Center for Social Inclusive Programs. Master of Business Administration with a degree in Corporate Management (ALMAU 2013), Certified Business Trainer (ALMAU 2016). Certified tutor for children with special educational needs. Co-author and developer of the "Individual Learning Path" program at “Vunder” academy for children with special educational needs. Teacher of the course "Individual learning path", "Problem approach in teaching children with SEN", "Special educational needs".

To form among the participants an idea of special educational needs, their categories and ways of working with them. To teach applying the project method in interacting with children with special educational needs; profess the problem-based approach and other modern teaching tools and methods. Form an idea about the algorithm for creating an individual learning path for students with special educational needs. To lay down fundamental ideas about security as the most important component of an educational project. Motivate teachers to work with special children.

Asel Makhsutovna Kushekbaeva


Private school parent coordinator. Practicing psychologist, deputy director in a private kindergarten. Family Relations Specialist. Training author.

To train school governance and teachers in effective interaction with parents of students "Parent - Education Partner".

Nominal medal of the Kazakh Metropolitan District "For the Works of Enlightenment".

Arenova Tamara Vladimirovna


Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. English and French teacher. Head of the Research Center for Methods and Materials for the Study of Foreign Languages in Kazakh university of international relations and world languages. Director of the Qualification Institute of Kazakh university of international relations and world languages. Academic adviser and reviewer of master's scientific research. Consultant and reviewer of doctoral scientific research. Author of several educational programs for general education schools and co-author of model programs for the university. Author of 40+ publications on the methodology of teaching foreign languages ​​(Kazakhstan, Russia, Bulgaria) Head of the republican project for the dissemination of the English language. Member of the standard republican project on international cooperation in the field of foreign languages ​​in Kazakhstan. Head and co-author of the program "International Foundation" (Kazakhstan-Great Britain).

Formation the C1 level for English teachers. Prepare teachers for the IELTS exam. Formation the basic concepts of the international standard in teaching English. Introduce level-based teaching of the English language in general education schools.

Ministry of Education and Science
- excellent student of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
- Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Medal and certificates of honor from Kazakh university of international relations and world languages

- Member of the Academic Council of Kazakh university of international relations and world languages
- member of the Specialized Council

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Project for schools in the regions

О нас

Project for schools in the regions

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Project for schools in the regions

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Project for schools in the regions

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