"The Ulytau Educational Foundation" was founded in Kazakhstan in 2021 and aimed to tackle the most difficult aspects in the development of the educational system of Kazakhstan.

As part of its projects, the foundation shapes a new ethics of education, taking into account the rapidly changing global reality and the labor market. Thanks to integrated approach and progressive thinking we are build a model that can adapt graduates to the real world, its opportunities and risks.

We adhere to principles of inclusivity and equal access to education for all groups. The Foundation implements scholarship programs for gifted students, conducts training sessions and provides an opportunity to study the best international programs.

We firmly believe in uniqueness and talent of each child that must underlie future major. Therefore, each of our projects is aimed at integrating the best international educational programs in the context of individual development and career prospects.

Dear friends,

I believe in power of education!!

All of my professional and personal experience only strengthens this belief.

Education isn’t just a tool for social mobility and the core for successful career and great achievements in life. Education is also the most effective driver of social evolution and progress

Considering that study becomes life-long and continuous, its quality gradually reflects in all spheres of life. A forward looking and innovative, educational system must become a basis for the long-term development of whole regions. .

My vast experience and network as well as relying on the unique cultural traits of Kazakhstan, such as its rich history of education and its ethnic diversity, will allow the foundation to implement projects that will lead to long-term change that is beyond surface level: from reforms to transformations.

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Marina Khan, PhD, Director

I am grateful for your interest in the foundation’s activities and hope for long-term and beneficial partnerships.

Our team

Fund Board of Trustees

Stuart Mcilmoyle

Member of the Board of Trustees

Aigul Baekesheva

Member of the Board of Trustees

Leonid Kim

Member of the Board of Trustees

Oleg Vakulenko

Head of Canada House

Blake Defieux

BC offshore school representative

Zhanna Mendybayeva

Head of Ustaz Ulytau CPT

Gleb Filimonov

Head of CIS Nur-Sultan Boarding

Every day we work hard to advance all aspects of education and build a sustainable ecosystem to prepare young Kazakh students for a rapidly changing global reality.

By combining collective wisdom and international practices, we strive to pass on the most valuable matters to future generation.

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Our Values

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Each new day is a chance to improve the education system and scale new heights

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Any of our projects is built on a forward-thinking strategy with a solid foundation for growth

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It is good intentions that are the ground for our ideas and work

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By oneself we can do a little, but together we can change everything.