For schools

School as an ecosystem (8 academic hours)

Course objective:to study the school environment for the design of the training program and education of a comprehensively developed personalities of the students.

Lecturer: Mendybaeva Zh.S.

Knowledge management inside the school as knowledge of organization (8 academic hours)

Course objective: formation of intellectual potential within the school through development of individual learning plans, skills and competencies of teachers.

Lecturer: Mendybaeva Zh.S.

School corporate culture. Combining tools of effective work: management of the academic process, parents, graduates (8 academic hours)

Course objective: analysis and formation of school corporate culture.

Lecturer: Orazbekova A.S.

«Mission, values and vision – tools for transforming schools into sustainable ecosystems» (16 academic hours)

Course objective: comprehension and formulation of school values, development of its mission and vision.

Lecturer: Ph.D. Baekesheva A.Sh.