Қарағанды облысында мұғалімдерге арналған жаңа жоба қалай іске асып жатыр

The Ulytau Educational Foundation implements new project for teachers in Karaganda region

In July 2021, the Ustaz-Ulytau project was launched. Tatyana Dobrovolskis, a primary school teacher at school-gymnasium No. 26 in the city of Zhezkazgan shared what impact do such initiatives renders for teachers.

She devoted about 30 years to the teaching and despite her impressive experience, she decided to discover new knowledge by taking part in the Ustaz-Ulytau project.

“When I found out about the project, I immediately wanted to take part. I am very glad that such attention is paid to regional schools, especially since all courses for teachers are free. But most of all I liked the fact that young teachers acted as trainers and lecturers in this project. It was very interesting to learn about the modern view on the teaching process,” added Tatiana. As part of the project, the teacher has already completed three courses — «Inclusive Education at School», «Parents as Education Partners» and «Information Technologies in an Educational Project». According to her, all of them meet the requirements for the educational sphere in the new realities.