Ғылыми-тәжірибелік конференцияның үшінші күні

The scientific and practical conference «Quality of secondary education: MEASUREMENT, ANALYSIS, MANAGEMENT»

On April 9, participants of the scientific-practical conference «Quality of secondary education: MEASUREMENT, ANALYSIS, MANAGEMENT» arrived in Balkhash. Invited experts arrived from Astana, Almaty, Karaganda, as well as foreign guests from Russia and Canada.

After the registration of the participants, the guests had an excursion around the Palace of Schoolchildren named after Agybay Batyr, which was conducted by the specialists of the institution and personally by the director A.V. Kuzmin. In addition to demonstration performances by students of various sections and circles, guests of the conference, as well as interested citizens, there was a concert by members of creative teams working at the Palace.

On April 10, new competencies and opportunities for managing the school ecosystem, monitoring and analysis, as well as a quality educational environment were discussed.

As part of the conference, the guests visited the first public school in Kazakhstan that received independent accreditation. The plenary session included presentations by chief scientists and directors who shared their knowledge and experience. Panel discussions were also held in the areas of the conference.

All discussions were fascinating in their own way, but the topic «Quality educational environment — a factor in the successful development of the school» aroused the greatest interest, which was moderated by Nurbolat Bisengaliev, General Director of Tamos Space School.

In general, the conference allowed the participants to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of education and showed that Kazakhstan is actively developing its education system.

April 11 was the final day of the conference, which turned out to be the real end of a fruitful period of knowledge and experience exchange. On this day, important conclusions and results of panel discussions were presented, moderated by recognized experts in the field of education.

Then, an awards ceremony was held for the participants of the conference for special achievements in science and innovation. Dear guests and invited experts shared their impressions and expressed their gratitude to the organizers for the professionally conducted event.

All participants agreed that this day, as well as the entire conference, proved to be a source of inspiration and new ideas for the development of education in the region. It was a great opportunity to share experiences, make new connections and discoveries. The conference left positive emotions and memorable impressions that will accompany the participants in their life journey.