В Жезказгане прошёл семинар «English Day»

«English Day» seminar was held in Zhezkazgan

Teachers and students from Zhezkazgan will travel to the UK thanks to their success in learning English. At the seminar, 10 schoolchildren and 4 English teachers were awarded with prize tickets to England to improve their level of foreign language.

The seminar was also attended by teachers from Satpaev, Balkhash and Ulytau region. Learning English in accordance with international standards is one of the 12 areas of the Center for Pedagogical Transformation Ustaz Ulytau. The program is carried out with the involvement of foreign specialists from English-speaking countries — teachers from Canada and the UK. Four teachers will travel to the UK in May and the students’ visit is scheduled for June.

Such initiatives make a significant contribution to the prosperity of the region so the Ustaz Ulytau will definitely continue working toward English language development in future.